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The search is over.  We are your best resource for preventive health care, holistic medicine, and living well. We are a group of doctors and healthcare providers working to bring you health care information and high-quality products from a vast knowledge and experience base.

By taking a deep breath, slowing down, and spending a few minutes here, you can reap the rewards of knowledge and health. You'll find a wide scope of health information covering diet, nutrition, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, juicing, and our own brand of natural holistic alternative herbal medicine. The Consult Office provides a full one-on-one evaluation, and a health plan created for you by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. There's enough information to help you develop your own style of wellness -- one that comes from living a balanced lifestyle with time for relaxation, exercise, healthy eating and spa-type treatments for body and mind.

We are a comprehensive healthcare facility designed to help with all your medical needs including: anti-aging and preventive medicine, arthritis, immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue, all types of pain, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, hypertension, menstrual difficulties, and menopause, to name a few.  All diseases are treated by gentle, natural methods with great results and without side effects!  We offer: Acupuncture, a complete herbal pharmacy, Therapeutic massage, TDP/far infrared treatments, and a complete line of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.  We are committed to providing quality healthcare through combining the best of ancient healing methods with the latest medical technology.   All our treatments are individualized, case by case and treatment to treatment, and then applied with experienced care.

This is a growing community for healthcare information and empowerment. Your input is always encouraged, to help us make the site even more valuable to you as a wellness center. We hope you'll take advantage of these unique resources, and that they become an important part of your good health.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy.

Best of Health,

Dr. James W. Moore DOM

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