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A brief overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and my philosophy of medicine. 

Developed over the past 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is based on the Taoist view of the universe in which everything is interrelated.  While Acupuncture is perhaps the most recognized area of TCM; herbal therapy, nutritional guidance, exercise, meditation, hydrotherapy, Chinese massage, and lifestyle counseling are all employed.  Essentially, TCM is based on restoring and maintaining harmony and balance, through a highly developed medical system modeled on nature. Concepts like Yin, Yang, and Qi are fundamental to this medical system. 


fully appreciate TCM, the average person in the West may need to learn new ways of understanding health. Some people tend to look at a symptom and believe what they are seeing is the actual problem, not realizing that many factors come together to makeup that symptom. For instance, when a headache arises the current habit is to take a pill for the symptom -- the headache.  TCM, on the other hand, looks not only to help symptoms, but also to treat the cause. 


Our idea of what elements represent holistic healing may be summarized by six basic principles. (1) The healing power of nature: the body has an inherent ability to establish health.   (2) Prevention is the best cure.  (3) Identify and treat the cause.  (4) Do no harm. (5) Treat the whole person; working with the mind-body-spirit continuum is essential. (6) The physician is a teacher, educating and encouraging patients to take responsibility for their health. The emphasis is on building health, rather than fighting disease.

     With this holistic approach we are able to positively and safely effect most diseases, so that you will “get well” and heal.

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