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Chinese herbal therapy administers natural herbal formulas specifically designed to correct imbalances within the body, thereby aiding in the treatment of disease.  Herbs affect the body bio-chemically.  In general, herb therapies are best for functional disorders (constipation, fatigue, impotence, etc.), hormonal imbalances, and “organic problems” (changes in tissue structure). For example, herb therapy can be applied to weak digestive power, estrogen deficiency conditions, cysts and tumors.  Herbs carry few to no side effects compared to
synthetic processed drugs.  The effects of herbs are usually (but not always) seen after several days of regular use, rather than immediately, but once the effects are established, they often persist for a long time.  We should think of herbs as “special super foods” which will help to heal gently through time in addition to a balanced healthy diet.  All herbs are verified for authenticity by advanced laboratory equipment.  To ensure purity and safety tests are performed to be sure there are no pesticide, heavy metal, fungus, mold, or bacterial contaminants.  All herbal extracts are processed with purified water and granulated in temperature controlled clean rooms to avoid contamination.  An average, each batch of herbs are tested 15 times before reaching the customer.
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